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Our powerful deep traction tread (DTT) tyre

  • The Numa Nitro is our new deep traction tread (DTT) tyre, with lugs going as deep as the 60J line
  • Superior and long-lasting tyre that delivers continuous traction until full wear, up to the 60J line. Doesn't require a wear indicator
  • No need for Safety Officers to insist on premature tyre replacement so you are able to maximize tyre run time and operating life
  • Low vibration and wider footprint
  • Full dimension sizing used for aggressive applications
  • Soft and comfortable ride
Available Grades

P1 Premium

Design: 3-stage, Premium Natural Rubber tread, Extra soft centre compound

Ride: Superior ride comfort

Operating Conditions: Heavy duty, Continuous use

Advantages: Low rolling resistance, Wide footprint, Long operating life

P3 Xtra Premium

Design: 3-stage, Specially formulated rich Natural Rubber tread

Ride: Exceptional ride comfort

Operating Conditions: Severe operating conditions

Advantages: Exceptional deep lug design to tackle the most severe applications and heavy loads, Extra wide profile, Low rolling resistance, Long tyre life

P7 Ultra Premium

Design: 3-stage Specially formulated rich Natural Rubber tread with optimum abrasion resistance

Ride: Exceptional ride comfort for continuous extended run

Operating Conditions: Extreme operating conditions

Advantages: Unique deep lug design to tackle the most severe applications, Withstands damage in abrasive operating conditions, Extra wide profile, Long tyre life.

P9 Optimus

Design: Cutting edge design guarantees superior handling, smooth steering and better driver comfort

Ride: Minimal vibrations, ensuring the utmost stability and safety

Operating Conditions: Challenging, high-intensity operating conditions

Advantages: Game changing rubber grade that demonstrates improved mechanical properties, amazing cut-chip resistance, enhanced rebound resilience, and a high level of endurance

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