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The innovative tyre with a wear indicator

How do you know when to replace an industrial solid tyre? This question is one of the most important and elusive in the industry. At times, a tyre is removed and replaced when the lugs have worn down to the point where the tyre looks "bald". However, that tyre can still have up to 30% of useful life left until reaching the 60J line. In other cases, waiting too long to replace the tyre can place the machine and operator at risk. So what is the best way to know when to replace an industrial tyre?

Sun Tyre & Wheel Systems (SUN-TWS) has developed an innovative solution for its premium range of tyres - the "Traffic Light Tyre". The 60J line is coloured with a red compound ("Traffic Light Rib") that is ALWAYS VISIBLE on the outside of the tyre. It enables you to clearly see the position of the Traffic Light Rib compared to the remaining tread so you can plan your replacement tyre maintenance accordingly. There is no guesswork involved in this design, so you know with 100% certainty, exactly when to replace your worn tyre.
  • Convenience
  • Maximized Tyre Life
  • 100% Certainty / Accuracy
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Machine Uptime and Service Planning
  • Reduced Tyre Waste
Available Grades

P1 Premium

Design: 3-stage, Premium Natural Rubber tread, Extra soft centre compound

Ride: Superior ride comfort

Operating Conditions: Heavy duty, Continuous use

Advantages: Low rolling resistance, Wide footprint, Long operating life

P3 Xtra Premium

Design: 3-stage, Specially formulated rich Natural Rubber tread

Ride: Exceptional ride comfort

Operating Conditions: Severe operating conditions

Advantages: Exceptional design to tackle the most severe applications and heavy loads, Extra wide profile, Low rolling resistance, Long tyre life

P7 Ultra Premium

Design: 3-stage Specially formulated rich Natural Rubber tread with optimum abrasion resistance

Ride: Exceptional ride comfort for continuous extended run

Operating Conditions: Extreme operating conditions

Advantages: Exceptional design to tackle the most severe applications, Withstands damage in abrasive operating conditions, Extra wide profile, Long tyre life

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