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Skid Steer Tyres
We manufacture our Skid Steer tyres in demountable, mould-on or as full assemblies at all 4 plants in Sri Lanka and India. Available in directional, non-directional and smooth treads and in 4 different compound grades. Our range of Skid Steer tyres are thoroughly dependable for varied applications in the construction industry.

  • Built with natural rubber compounds offering excellent chunking, tear and cut resistance properties
  • Wider square profile tread design, offering excellent stability and durability for all terrains
  • Modern aperture design ensures superior heat resistance, whilst increasing driver comfort and eliminating costly downtime
Available Grades


Design: Natural rubber tread

Operating Conditions: Intermittent Duty

Advantages: Offers a comfortable ride, good durability and traction


Design: Natural rubber/synthetic tread

Operating Conditions: Normal, continuous use

Advantages: Greater stability and traction, improved tyre life


Design: Cut resistant tire

Operating Conditions: Severe/harsh and continuous use

Advantages: Designed with a specialized cut resistant compound to perform in harsh operating conditions and reduce downtime due to tyre damage


Design: High abrasion tread

Operating Conditions: Severe/harsh and continuous use

Advantages: Versatile and durable tyre that can excel on severe terrains

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