Engineering & Design

Stress Strain Distribution of a Pneumatic Tire

Under Normal Inflation Pressure

Displacement Analysis of a 12.00-20 Tire

Displacement - Fully Loaded

3-D Cross Section of a 6.00-9

Talon Prime Tire

The heart of our cutting-edge product design is the Engineering Design Centre (EDC). It continuously benchmarks and defines all design, engineering, process and build quality parameters within SUN-TWS. The mission of the EDC is to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing market environment.

The EDC is a valuable resource for customers seeking solutions for market opportunities, new applications or products, and competitive pressures and challenges. At three R&D centers in Madurai & Chennai (both in India) and Colombo (Sri Lanka), a team of more than 150 highly qualified rubber chemists, process technicians, designers, developers, engineers and application specialists, is driven to maximize return on investment for our customers worldwide.

Our engineering expertise, best-in-class manufacturing capabilities, and unrivaled range, enable us to deliver excellent products at competitive prices.

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