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We are proud to launch two of our newest designs - the Traffic Light Tyre and Talon Prime Aer.

Traffic Light Tyre

Knowing the right time to replace an industrial solid tyre is one of the most important and elusive questions in the industry. At times, a tyre is removed and replaced when the lugs have worn down to the point where the tyre looks "bald". However, that tyre can still have up to 30% of useful life left until reaching the 60J line. In other cases, waiting too long to replace the tyre can place the machine and operator at risk. To take the guesswork out of this, SUN-TWS has developed an innovative solution for its premium range of tyres - the "Traffic Light Tyre". The 60J line is coloured with a red compound ("Traffic Light Rib") that is always visible on the outside of the tyre. It enables you to clearly see the position of the Traffic Light Rib compared to the remaining tread so you can plan your replacement tyre maintenance accordingly. This helps maximize the life of your tyre, increase productivity, and reduce tyre waste.

Talon Prime AeR

When you come across an application or an operating terrain that proves too challenging for your workhorse tyre, we invite you to try the Talon Prime AeR! We designed this as a 3-stage premium tyre with apertures to ensure superior resilience and comfort during operations. Available in black and non-marking treads, the Talon Prime AeR caters to severe applications with supreme ease. It has a soft center compound for exceptional heat buildup resistance and long tyre life so you have reduced downtime and improved efficiency.

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