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Stability and Comfort to Optimize Performance

Sun Tyre & Wheel Systems has designed a range of port application tyres to withstand heavy loads and have an extended run life. We manufacture solutions for several port applications such as bomb carts, straddle carriers, large forklifts, reach stackers, container handlers and trailers. Our port tires are created with a richly formulated base, center and special premium tread compound

  • Soft center compound to give a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Superior performance and optimised tyre life even with continuous use in ports
  • Low heat build-up
  • Extremely robust tires with excellent stability
  • High surface contact for better load distribution
  • High abrasion and wear resistance

Why Choose Solid Industrial Tyres for your Port Operations?

  • Minimum 3x increase in operating life as compared to pneumatic tyres
  • Puncture free = no downtime!
  • Soft center compound offers good resilience & ride comfort
  • Safe and reliable option that offers exceptional performance in high intensity port applications
Tyre size Rim Pattern
355/50-20 10.00 SM
9.00-20 6.50 LUG
7.00 LUG
10.00-20 7.00 LUG
7.50 LUG/SM
8.00 LUG
11.00-20 7.50 SM
8.00 LUG
12.00-20 8.00 LUG
8.50 LUG/SM
14.00-20 10.00 LUG
12.00-24 8.50 LUG
14.00-24 10.00 LUG
14.00-25 11.25 LUG
Port Trailers Container Handlers
Forklift Trucks Reach Stackers

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