Sustainability (formerly Green initiative)

The TVS Mobility Group and SUN-TWS are wholly committed to doing our share in reducing the carbon footprint in our operations and in the products that we manufacture. In this respect, we have several investments and initiatives:


As part of its Green Initiative, SUN-TWS works with its global distributor network for collecting and recycling (remanufacturing) solid resilient tyres from top quality used tyres. To learn more, please contact our customer service team.

Retreading Tyres

Pioneers of tyre recycling in India, our roots trace back to the very first retread plant set up in the 1940s. Retreading drastically cuts down on the wastage of rubber, especially tyre cases that can be retread multiple times within our high standards of quality. Moreover, this prevents the destruction of old tyres either in landfills or burning. As advocates of zero-wastage, every bit of leftover rubber from our manufacturing processes is used in the production of other rubber products.
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Rubber Waste Recycling

Factory cured rubber waste recycling! 100% of the rubber waste generated at our plants are sent to our sister division that recycles the waste into reusable materials, making use of a unique technology which is the brainchild of three scientists of Levgum Ltd., Israel.
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